Eco-Friendly Painting & VOC Information

Eco-friendly paints contain either low VOC or no VOC (Volatile organic compounds). Standard paints contain high VOCs which are continuously released into the air, long after the paint dries.

The decision for us to go Eco-friendly was made so that we reduce our ecological footprint and for the health of our clients and workers.

Impact of VOC's

  • VOCs include a variety of compounds, some which have short-term effects such as, watery eyes and irritated throat.

  • These VOCs remain after the painting process, and add with other pollutants to make the pollutant levels up to ten times more than outdoors.

  • During the actual painting process the pollutants can be up to one thousand times the level of outdoors.

  • Many VOCs are known to cause cancer in animals and are suspected to cause cancer in the human population.

  • Conventional paints are loaded with VOCs that include benzene, ethyl and mercury.
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